Poster Session


Monday, 11.4.2016, 16:35 - 19:00
Location Title Author
1 Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of rGO-ZnO nanocomposites electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution Fernanda da Costa Romeiro
2 Tuning the properties of reduced graphene oxide/hexacyanoferrate nanocomposites through microwave-hydrothermal synthesis Laiz Cristina Diniz Narcsio
3 Edge structure and domain boundaries in graphene nanoislands on Ni(111) Sofia de Oliveira Parreiras
4 One-pot carbon nanotubes/reduced graphene oxide/Prussian blue films preparation: spectroscopy, microscopy and electrochemical studies Samuel Carlos Silva
5 Carbon nanotubes/Prussian blue nanocubes size control through cyclic voltammetry Thiago Andrade Vieira
6 Investigation of electrochemically-reduced graphene oxide as an electrochemical sensor for phenolic antioxidants Rafael Machados Dornellas
7 Systematic study of the graphene oxide synthesis by sonification method from graphite chemical oxidation Mariany Ludgero Maia Gomes
8 Graphene-modified glassy-carbon electrodes for pyrogallol detection: comparison of two different modification routes Rafael Melo Cardoso
9 Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and magnetic domain walls in cobalt films intercalated under graphene Alexandre Alberto Chaves Cotta
10 Metal addition on activated carbon fiber felt-characterization and application on waste wather treatment Jossano Saldanha Marcuzzo
11 Structural and optical characterization of As-etched and oxidized porous silicon layers for sensor and photovoltaics applications Carlos Eduardo Silveira Dias
12 Physical characterization of porous carbon-doped silicon dioxide (SiCOH) thin films for modern integrated circuit Carlos Eduardo Silveira Dias
13 Mesoporous TiO2/WO3 films as efficient photocatalytic of methylene blue dye Leornado Ferreira de Paula
14 Desing and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells using natural dyes extracted from Jambul and Rose apple fruits as photosensitizers Daniel da Motta Sampaio
15 Photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical applications of metal oxide-based nanocomposites and their thin-films Antonio de Otavio de Toledo Patrocinio
16 Periodic magnetic stripe pattern in Co monolayer on Ru (0001) Rafael Lopes de Souza
17 Deposition the CO3O4 films by reactive magnetron sputtering for applications in photocatalysis Kleper Oliveira Rocha
17 Magnetic and structural properties of FeCo thin films epitaxially grown on Cu3Au(001) Amanda dos Santos Ponce
19 Galvanostatic electrodeposited PANI thin films surface morphology Hugo José Nogueira Pedroza Dias Mello
20 Ca/P rich nanostructured titania surface coating produced by anodic oxidation of titanium Maximiliano Delany Martins
21 The surface science approach towards the reverse flotation process: An XPS study of starch adsorption on iron oxides Gabriela Fernandes Moreira
22 Morphological characterization and adsorptive behavior of crosslinked starch with phosphate salts Natan da Silva Miranda Sechi
23 Fabrication and characterization of ceria nanowires Evaldo Ribeiro
24 Germania films supported on Ru(0001) Adrián Leandro Lewandowski
25 Direct writing of nanowires of Cu-C by focused electron beam induced deposition and their electrical properties Ivo Utke
26 Nucleation control of titanium oxide films by atomic layer depostion on multiwall carbon nanotubes: towards next generation solar cells Ivo Utke
27 On the adsorption behavior of different cyanotetraphenylporphyrins on metal substrates Michael Lepper
28 Exploring hyperfine interactions of Tc complexes Bruna Thalita de Lima Pereira
29 Probing thermal and solvent effects on hyperfine interactions of new MRI probes Bruna Thalita de Lima Pereira
30 Study of charge transfer process on cyanine dyes blends by light-induced electron spin resonance Marcus Vinicius Gonçalves Vismara
31 Dry transfer of CVD-graphene onto PBAT and LDPE surfaces: effects on biodegradation Luiz Felipe Maldonado
32 Theoretical and experimental investigations of bulk and surface properties of ZnS nanocrystals Felipe de Almeida La Porta


Wednesday, 13.4.2016, 16:30 - 19:00
Location Title Author
1 Eumelanin thin films for transistors approach based on electrolyte gating Luiz Gustavo Simão Albano
2 Nanometer scale titanium surface texturing are detected by signaling pathways transient FAK and Src Activation Willian Fernando Zambuzzi
3 Silica thin films as model system for catalysis: a LEEM/PEEM study Mauricio Prieto
4 Electrochemical applications of bismuth compounds obtained via microwave-hydrothermal method Juliane Zacour Marinho
5 Temperature effects on coupled slow and fast dynamics of an electrochemical oscilator Alana Aragón Zülke
6 The effect of solution pH on the oscillatory electro-oxidation of formic acid Fabian Wolfgang Hartl
7 Structuring of peroxotungstic acid with sodium dodecyl sulfate Irene Teresinha Santos Garcia
8 Precipitation synthesis and electrochemical characteristics of MnO2 based symmetric supercapacitors Boopathi Ganesan
9 Synthesis of gold nanoparticles to prevent aggregation: comparison between two methods Caroline Rodrigues Basso
10 Charge transfer in hybrid TiO2@P3HT and Nb2O5@P3HT nanoparticles studied by FLIM Bruna Andressa Bregadiolli
11 Nonlinear kinetics in direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) Jéssica Alves Nogueira
12 Photoluminescence of TiO2 and electrical measurements of SnO2:4at%Sb/TiO2 heterojunction Luis Vicente de Andrade Scalvi
13 Optical and luminescent properties of GaAs/SnO2:RE heterojunction Luis Vicente de Andrade Scalvi
14 Black phosphorus surface chemistry probed by APXPS Tulio Rocha
15 Near ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (NAP-XPS) study of CeO2-x nanoparticles reduction properties controlled by synthesis Fabiano Bernardi
16 Rapid synthesis of surface mounted metal-organic frameworks using a spin-coating approach Jaciara Cássia de Carvalho Santos
17 Amine stabilized Au NP's for catalytic applications Lars Mohrhusen
18 Cytosporone B impregnated into mesoporous silica nanoparticles Débora Rojas de Figueiredo
19 Application of modified polyvinylchloride as metal extractor from aqueous solution Gustavo Rocha de Castro
20 Detection of hydrogen peroxide releasing from prostate cancer cell using a biosensor Bruno Pereira Crulhas
21 Electrochemistry biosensor for using dopamine detection in serum Lucas Custódio Recco
22 Electrochimiluminescence based sensor for phamacological substances in physiological fuilds Rodrigo Solano Pereira
23 Detection of dengue virus using UV-vis and SPR Valber de Albuquerque Pedrosa
24 Comparative study of bone tissue accelerated regeneration by latex membranes from Hevea brasiliensis and Hancornia speciosa Juliana Ferreira Floriano
25 Surface modification of the natural rubber membranes for biomedical applications Rondinelli Donizetti Herculano
26 Natural rubber latex as Diclofenac Potassium carrier system Natan Roberto de Barros
27 Production of porous membranes of natural latex (Hevea brasiliensis) for controlled release of biomolecules Matheus Carlos Romeiro Miranda
28 Histological findings in sinus membrane repair with fibrin sealant and collagen membrane in rabbits Fausto Capuano Neto
29 Favoring perpendicular magnetic anisotropy by tetragonal distortion and exchange coupling in CoO/Ni thin films Pedro Lana Gastelois
30 The role of the cationic Pt sites in the adsorption properties of water and ethanol on the Pt4/Pt(111) and Pt4/CeO2(111) substrates: a density functional theory inverstigation Yohanna Seminovski Perez
31 Highly sensitive surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) sensor based on carbon nanostructures/gold nanorods nanohybrids and their application in picomolar chemical analyses Anderson Caires de Jesus
32 New surface science tools at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory Wendell Simões Esilva


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